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It all started when papa steve bought a truck.  “hey!  You girls can drive it to ikea!”…why yes, yes we can.  And so we did. We lined it up perfectly with momma hasty’s birthday, and we had a full-on girls weekend road trip!



This was our rest stop in iowa – gotta a ways to goimage

follow the blue brick road?image

my phone missed pictures of our Saturday morning, I believe mom and jay have some from brunch with one of my besties, the lovely emily and her ben-to-be!  We ate at Barbette and walked to the apartment that will be their first place…it was perfect!  Such a beautiful area, and it’s just the right place for these two lively loving friends.  Even though winter is way too long up there, I think em + ben will be so fond of their memories in Minneapolis!




how can you not?image




new phone, and i could not figure out where to look…and apparently I forgot my sunglassesimage


waving goodbye to downtown – little did we know we’d be taking MoA by storm the next 9 hoursimage

after shopping, massage for mom, haircut for jay, and brow wax para mi, and more shopping, we wanted only two things…steak…and wine!image


and then this happened:image

what epic trip doesn’t have a photo booth strip to go with it?  well, after the booth took our money, pictures, and 5 minutes of our time waiting for the pictures to (not) print, we decided to take matters into our own hands image







i’m not sure how successful we were, but let’s just say we had too much fun.

we also had to stop at the lego store to bring back some stuff for some little dudesimage

birthday cake!image

“He’s so concerned about his colon”  is the phrase of the trip, the public one at least.  What happens in minneapolis, stays in minneapolis!image

a little fuzzy, but a great pic nonethelessimage

ikea day!image

I still can’t figure out where to lookimage

got my list readyimage

so many great things to discoverimage

mom’s new fav pillowimage

two carts and a flatbed…now to magically make it all fit in the truck…image


papa steve helping us unload at midnight, probably regretting offering up his truck 🙂image

well done ladies, well done.

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And we’re off! The Hasty gals are headed to minneapolis to celebrate moms birthday.  It will be a weekend full of food, friends, shopping, and of course ikea!

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New phone, new apps! The SGSIIE4GT is awesome, but it can’t beat the simplicity of the pre with webOS.  Here I go testing out the media function with a pic of my latest trader joe fav…

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Anyone have any great boat names?  While you ponder, here is an inspiring clip from the best movie ever:

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 Cole here.  Well, despite a steady, slow rain and temperatures in the low 60’s we decided to give the maiden voyage another shot the following day.  No curbs on the way to the ramp, so it was a good start.  However, the fact that I forget to put the drain plug in quickly turned the trip into another panic.  I turned on the bilge and pulled over to the dock.  I was able to reach down and put the plug in, and we were off!

I’m driving, but Carter’s really in charge.

Not sure what I am looking at, but it must be important.

Laura’s pretty psyched about getting up to speed!

Stopped at a good looking spot and Carter is already hooked up with a nice fish.

It’s a nice 1.5lb fish that went after Carter’s topwater.

I didn’t catch anything, but Laura did.  A nice bass here on the good ol’ fluke.  Laura named him Frankie.

Getting back to the ramp before it gets dark.

Carter again, in charge.

She’s still in one piece comin’ out of the water.

Drain plug out when it is supposed to be.  Still had some water in there…

Transom saver going on the motor.

Happy after our first on-the-water experience.

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We’ve been looking forward to friday for a long time.  We bought this boat two months ago, and at that time expected to be on the water in a couple of weeks.  I had it in the back of my mind that we wouldn’t get it out until memorial day, but I didn’t want to say it out loud.  we’ve spent 10-20 hours a week on this boat, and this last week was a strong push to get everything finished by today.  not knowing what the 30-50% chance of rain would do, we took care of some important last items in the morning:

registration – had to scrape off the old numbers and put on ours

thanks to younglife stickers and nalgenes, i’m pretty good with precision decaling

around two, the radar shows a dry patch after one last rain shower

we gather all we need and wait for cole’s bro carter and his gf mackenzie to pick us up!  so excited!

on our way…

we got two blocks…and then THIS happened

this famous curb is NASTY…when we moved in, i hit this sucker 5 times in two days

the neighbors around see this everyday…they helped us out with some jacks and a tire iron

and this shaky little dog was super sweet.  curious yet jumpy

they recommended a small tire shop down the street – they were able to pound the wheel back and eventually get a seal back on the tire…useable enough to get the boat back in the garage.

getting the tire back on

bummed out…no lake today 😦

after calling every wheel and tire dealer in town, we drove out to cabela’s for a new wheel and tire.

so we can’t say that boat didn’t sink.  round two tomorrow?  we’ll be watching the radar for a clearing in the afternoon…and doing some major cleaning in the garage in the morning!

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Before sharing today’s shakedown adventure, here are some pics from finishing up the boat…or at least getting it seaworthy:

The back row was simple to install

the front seats were a bit more complicated.  we found out the seats we bought of ebay didn’t come with important bolts, and so we planned to use epoxy instead

I ripped open one of the old seats to understand the plastic base

which helped us realize that the bottom of the seats came out to provide access to the base…a huge relief

first beer on the boat…relaxing on the new seats!

one seat

two seat

gluing the pockets to be added to the side panels…i tried sewing with heavy thread, but the thread just shredded up in the machine.  Nothing glue and staples can’t take care of!

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We’ve got seats!!  got the back row in tonight…it’s starting to look like a boat again.  Will post more later, but gotta get some sleep now.  We’re on our final push to get this thing done for this season…the shakedown is scheduled for friday (if it doesn’t rain!).

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The chmi’s welcomed the heat this weekend for the opportunity to finish carpeting the boat.  The highly flammable glue has issues when applied and cured in temperatures below 65…so we’ve been sitting around waiting for the nightly lows to heat up!  Here are some pics of the final deck carpeting.  I know it looks like cole is going all the work…but the carpet has been mostly my project.  When he’s not working on electronics or hardware, cole’s been my second pair of hands with the gluing, and he’s been doing most of the edge trimming.  I’m too much of a perfectionist to even face the change of making a bad cut!

Preping the substrate

Gluing on the first corner

Trimming the edges

I really wanted to use contact cement for the main deck piece, but as mentioned in previous posts, it has zero give.  We decided to tackle this deck (which we’ve put off to the end, fearing the turn out) by gluing this piece in six different stages.

Cutting out the center for the compartment

The final flap – glue has to cure for 15 minutes before contact

Just the right amount of glue for the whole job!

carpet complete!!

Next major issue: the trolling motor mount

This week we’ve got to get the seats on, finish all the little carpet screws and hinges here and there, get the side panels on, and fix the mount on the trolling motor.  We’ll have to see how helpful I am with the glee season finale and sytycd season premier this week!!!

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